Zhytniy Market

Zhytniy Market

Zhytniy Market is one of the oldest, still active, markets in Kyiv, Ukraine. Located in the Podil district and existing since the Kyvian Rus in the 15th Century, this market was redeveloped in 1982 by architects Valentyn Shtolko and O. Monina in a Soviet Modernist style which was popular throughout the Soviet Union at the time.

Today, the market is more a hive of activity outside than inside with stalls operated by traders from all over Europe and former USSR states.

Popular purchases by locals here include dried fruit from Uzbekistan, Hatchapuri from Georgia, pomegranate juice from Azerbaijan as well as wine, cider and cheese made locally in Ukraine.

Outside, dozens of repair stores operate along with traders and citizens selling their belongings and antiques to interested passers-by.

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16, Verkhnii Val Street, Kyiv, Kyiv City, 04071, Ukraine.

Longitude / Latitude
30.5112135, 50.4642595

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