Kyiv Institute of Information

Kyiv Institute of Information

Architects: F. Yuryev, L. Novikov

Date Opened: 1979

Date Closed: 2020

Status: Listed Building

Condition: Fair

In the early 1960s, artist and architect Florian Yuryev had a dream of creating a “synthesis of the arts” by combining colour, light, and music. With this dream, he created the concept of a music hall with the perfect system of transmission of sound and light. Due to the design of the building to accommodate all Yuryev’s requirements, it was nicknamed the “Kiev Flying Saucer” by locals.

In the 1970s, the KGB took over construction of the building and it was instead turned into a lecture hall and cinema – a far cry from Yuryev’s vision. It opened in the late 1970s as the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the building was transferred over to the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and in 2016, they leased it to the Mandarin Plaza Group for 20 years.

Due to the poor-quality materials used in its construction, the building needs considerable renovation to bring it up to standard and under the terms of the lease, the Mandarin Plaza Group has pledged to renovate and maintain the building by turning it into a science museum.

On 8th October 2020 the building received government protection by adding it to the Cultural Heritage Protection registry.

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180, Antonovycha Street, Kyiv, Kyiv City, 03150, Ukraine.

Longitude / Latitude
30.5247558, 50.411854

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