Hotel Salute / Salyut Kyiv

Hotel Salute / Salyut Kyiv

Hotel Salute was designed between 1976 – 1982 by architects Avraam Miletsky, N. Slogotskaya, and Vladimir Shevchenko with construction starting in 1982 and finishing in 1984.

The architects originally envisioned Hotel Salute to be a skyscraper constructed using innovative methods and the Communist party leadership initially gave the project the approval and support it needed. Unfortunately, the Communist party refused to add the curator on to the official list of authors which threw the hotel plans into disarray.

Funding for the hotel then went on to be slashed which in turn meant the hotel project had to cut the number of floors and rooms by over half with only 6 floors making it into the final plans.

As the hotel was designed to be constructed using innovative methods, no steel cables were used. Instead, the building is supported by 19 reinforced walls between the rooms. This meant the rooms are smaller than similar hotel rooms from this era and means there is no room for any future hotel expansion.

Today, the hotel is popular for both tourist on a budget and those who seek an authentic retro soviet experience as the hotel and rooms have not been renovated since it first opened.  It’s in a convenient location away from popular tourist spots such as Maidan Square and within walking distance to many local parks including the Motherland Monument.

The hotel has a restaurant, a conference hall, a bar, hairdressers, billiards club, a nightclub and two cafes.  All bedrooms come complete with air conditioning, a minibar, satellite TV and toiletries.

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11Б, Ivana Mazepy Street, Kyiv, Kyiv City, 01010, Ukraine.

Longitude / Latitude
30.5499215, 50.4412333

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