Combine Harvester Graveyard

Combine Harvester Graveyard

Located just outside Alnwick in Northumberland, this 700-acre site has over 350 combine harvesters in various states of disrepair. It is the largest graveyard of combine harvesters in the United Kingdom.

Originally opened by John Manners in 1972, who has since retired, this business is now ran by his sons Fraser and Richard. The business also has a haulage side to it which helps in the transportation of these massive machines.

John started the business when he bought a MF-500 to strip it for parts for his digger.

“It all started when I got a price for new tires for a digger. I found I could buy an old combine for less and get the tyres off that”

John Manners

The combine harvesters that come here are either stripped down for their parts, such as headers, engines, grain pans, sieves, unloading augers and gearboxes or refurbished and shipped out to clients across the globe.

Richard said in an interview with the Northumberland Gazette:

“We bring in 75 combines per year.

“We have customers from England and abroad and we take the combines apart and sell them for parts and scrap, no different to a car breakers.

“We also sell whole combines and strip them down and put them in shipping containers, before being rebuilt wherever they go.

“Places in Asia like Malaysia and Pakistan are popular customers.”

In the winter months when the demand for combine harvesters and spare parts wane, the company use their haulage fleet to provide hay and straw to farmers in England. The site has also been featured on ‘Scrap Kings’ – a show that airs on Quest TV.

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