The Overgrown House

The Overgrown House

Located just off a busy road outside Limavady, this overgrown house has been well and truly forgotten about and has been completely consumed by ivy and other vegetation.

Inside, the kitchen still has its oven, but the rear of the property has been used to dump old CRT TVs and fridges.

This house would have been an amazing home in its prime, with spacious rooms that all overlook the rolling fields of the countryside.

Hopefully it can be restored to its former glory as the house, while extremely overgrown, surprisingly seems structurally sound.

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  1. Gerry Ward

    May I ask do you allow public use of images, I am an amateur poet (unpublished) ,would you consider allowing me to use some images for poems ,I will absolutely credit you,
    Kindest regards
    Gerry Ward.

    1. That’s not a problem – send us an email via the contact form and we will sort this.

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