The Country Pub & Restaurant

The Country Pub & Restaurant

This pub and restaurant was located along a lonely country road in Northern Ireland, seldom travelled by. Inside, it has a typical country-style pub feel with a wooden and brick bar as well as wooden booths and tables for the patrons.

Quite a lot had been left behind, including alcoholic drinks as well as non-perishable foods. The menu for the restaurant had also been left behind as well as a dart board, which were quintessential in country pubs and restaurants just like this one in the 1990s and 2000s.

We’re unsure when exactly this pub and restaurant was left abandoned, but it hasn’t become victim to vandalism and weathering, probably due in part to its remote location. It was evident, however, that it had been closed for good around the festive period; there was a Christmas tree nicely decorated beside the bar and other decorations dotted throughout.

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