The Abandoned Caravan Campsite

The Abandoned Caravan Campsite

An abandoned caravan campsite located beside a stunning forest park with easy access to nearby mountains in Northern Ireland. This caravan campsite closed in 2016 due to the closure of other nearby attractions.

On-site facilities included:

  • Twenty-four tarmac berths
  • 16 Pitches for tents
  • Electric hook ups
  • Car parking at each berth
  • Awning space on twenty berths
  • Shower and toilet facilities.
  • Children’s sheltered play area.
  • Television room, video/DVD available
  • Dish washing facilities
  • Chemical disposal units
  • Barbeque grill and patio
  • Fully equipped laundry room

3 comments on “The Abandoned Caravan Campsite

  1. Wendy Murray

    It’s so sad to see these old buildings and stately homes abandoned and left to deteriorate.

  2. anna jackson

    beautiful work…. now i need to ask please can you tell me where this is and also the abandoned school i have been working hard searching for these for 2 days i understand when people maybe think that its being lazy but i promise you i have tried.. also i love going to abandoned places …but i have to be careful as i had a really bad fall last year …so my son and daughter dont like me doing this as i am over 60 but i love it please i hope you can help….

  3. Adam Ferguson

    Hi can you tell me where this is?

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