The School House

The School House

This was a local village school which educated children from the Tandagree area for over 100 years before closing its doors in 1996. Situated on the top floor were three rooms, all of which still had original features such as the fireplaces. One could get to the second floor via stairs in the school’s kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Foot lived in the upstairs section of the school for a number of years.

Downstairs, there were two classrooms. There was the “wee room” which taught children from P1 through to P3. There was also the “big room” which taught children from P4 through to P7. The blackboards in each classroom were still remaining when we explored this school and the large windows brought in an abundance of light. There was also a small kitchen on the first floor and off to the back of the kitchen, there was walk-in under-stair storage, which had shelves and cupboards built in. There was also wood paneling throughout the kitchen and stairs to the second floor. There were boy’s and girl’s toilets in a separate building which was connected to the main building as well an overgrown playground.

Teachers who have taught at the school over the years include Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Sandford, Mr. Foster and Mr. Trouton.

In May 2021, it was placed on the market for £145,000 and is currently sale agreed.

Newspaper clippings from when the school was operational:

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