The Twaddell Home

The Twaddell Home

This derelict home was located along the picturesque coast of Northern Ireland. It was in an area of outstanding beauty and would have made the most perfect home at one point in time.

It was a traditional Irish-style home with numerous religious affirmations dotted throughout the home. As soon as we entered the home, we were in the main living area. There was AGA oven and an open fireplace, both staples of the Irish home for centuries. There was also a wooden dresser up against the wall in the living room and a plethora of mementos left behind, including some wedding photographs, photographs of cows, and milk of magnesia. Underneath the window was an amazing vintage leather sofa and retro green velvet curtains. On one of the walls, we found a calendar which was dated 1997.

This home was situated near a brand-new housing development and there was a lot of wood in the living room. It appeared as though it was being used as storage.

The small but practical kitchen was just off the side of the living room. There was a more modern oven and a cardboard carton which still contained six eggs. On the ground floor, there was also a bedroom and then two more bedrooms upstairs. In one bedroom, we came across even more mementos of the family who had once called this place home, including letters from Canada and the British Institution of Psychology, more photographs, suitcases, clothing and shoes.

Outside, there was an outbuilding directly in front of the house which had a number of electrical items as well as two birds who had built a nest and reclaimed the outbuilding as their own.

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